BroadLink RM4 Pro WiFi Control for Konoq Switches and other Smart Home Devices

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BroadLink RM PRO Device: Allows you to control your Konoq WIFI switches from anywhere via WIFI or 4G.

Subject to your WIFI coverage you will only require one Broadlink device per household to control all compatible Konoq range.

The Broadlink RM PRO Device lets you control more than just your Konoq Switches, which allows you to control any Infrared Device in your home such as your TV, Aircon, Music System, and any other remote-controlled device. 


  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY - Support RF (433MHz) controlled devices such as curtain/shades motor, projector and light switch; Support 50,000+ IR controlled devices such as TV, STB, Air conditioner, Fan, Video Recorder, DVD and more; Does not work with Bluetooth. Supported devices library is constantly being updated by the cloud, so your RM4 pro is always compatible with newer devices. Option to program your devices and learn buttons if certain cloud data is unavailable.
  • NEW BROADLINK APP CONTROL - New App named BroadLink is available now in Apple App Store and Google Play. New App has better user experiences in configuration and creating scene than IHC. Besides, if you have an Android phone integrates IR emitter itself, you can use it to control your IR devices from BroadLink App as a test, before you decide to buy our product. Note: RM4 pro only supports 2.4 GHz (NOT 5 GHz) Wi-Fi to configure in the App.
  • VOICE CONTROL AND IFTTT - Compatible with Alexa to voice control your TV, STB, Air Conditioner and Fans, compatible with Google Home to voice control your Air Conditioner. Make sure the devices can be remotely controlled from external networks. In Amazon Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT Apps, enable the skill/service named BroadLink, link account and discover devices.
  • NEW FEATURES - Supports external Temperature and Humidity Sensor USB Cable (purchase separately), connect it to the RM4 pro, BroadLink App will show room’s temperature and humidity. Zero Configuration, powered by FastCon technology, add the first FastCon device to the App as usual, after that, when you power on other new FastCon devices, they will be automatically discovered and shown in App.



BroadLink RM4 pro IR/RF Universal Remote

RM4 pro supports both IR and RF controlled appliances, all in one turns your smartphone into a universal remote and integrates control of home entertainment and automation devices in one easy-to-use app BroadLink. RM4 pro works with Alexa/Google Assistant/IFTTT. When paired with Alexa, it gives you hands-free voice control of your devices, like turning on/off your TV or turning up/down the volume via voice command.


  • Support RF (433MHz fixed code) controlled devices such as curtain/shades motor, projector and light switch; Support 50,000+ IR controlled devices such as TV, STB, DVD, Air conditioner, Fan, Video Recorder, Audio and more (Does not work with Bluetooth; Does not support RF rolling code control or learning)
  • Large IR database: cover 98% IR remote function, update automatically on the cloud.
  • Learning function: learn your remote controller if the appliance model is not available. (For RF, only supports 433MHz fixed code learning, can’t learn 315MHz or rolling codes)
  • Smaller but smarter: create multiple timers and scenes for your appliances as you need.
  • Support external sensor: RM4 pro supports BroadLink HTS2 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Cable (sold separately)
  • Support Zero Configuration Powered by FastCon Technology


Package includes: 1x RM4 pro Universal Remote, 1x USB Charger Cable, 1x Mounting board, 1x Manual. (Not include Sensor Cable or Adapter)


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