Troubleshooter for Konoq Switch

My switch works perfectly without the glass plate on but does not respond correctly when the glass plate is placed.

    The reason is that the sensor was pressed down during installation, so the gap between the sensor and the glass plate has increased. In order to reduce the gap again please ensure that the switch is not screwed in too tight to the box. Unscrew both fasteners a bit, place the glass plate on, turn off the main for 15 minutes which will allow the sensor to readjust its thickness and close the gap. If this doesn’t work please contact our team.


    My LED lights are flickering or flashing during dimming.

      Flickering or flashing problems occur when using low power LED lights or possibly low quality LED lights that allow a trickle of current to leak into the light switch which causes the lights to flicker or flash. 

      Our LED adapter addresses the majority of these cases, which is basically a capacitor and designed to suppress any current leak and stop flickering or flashing.

      The LED adapters are installed directly onto the lights. Please refer to our installation diagram provided.One adapter is required per light or first light in a serial connection in case several LEDs are connected in serial. (In parallel connection one adapter is required for light)

      Alternatively, a compatible Danlers Reload could fix the problem, which places a false load on the system. Please consult your electrician for installation.


      My LED lights continue to glow weakly when switched off.

        There could be several technical reasons for glowing LED lamps when switched off. However, the most common reason is that LED bulbs are below 3 watt or vary in quality. As a solution we recommend you may try replacement lights with more than 3 watt or from a reputable brand.

        Another reason could be a small pick-up of electricity from cables that run along each other caused by an electromagnetic induction. As a solution installation an LED adapter could regulate the voltage of the electricity circuit your glow led is on. LED adapter will block any residual voltage coming from the circuit. Alternatively, a compatible Zener Diode could fix the problem, which places a false load on the system. Please consult your electrician for installation.


        I am having problems with the 2 Way switch, is it faulty?

          In most cases the issue comes from incorrect wiring of the switches. Please ensure that correct guidelines are followed on the 2 way wiring diagram issues with all related switches. Our wiring diagram is very specific and will ensure correct operation. As one of the common mistakes, please ensure that B to B ports are connected and not mixed with A port. (A to A wiring is only required if live (power) is shared between master and slave switches. Another common mistake is that please note that there should not be any gang to gang hard wiring. Different than traditional mechanical switches, Konoq switches communicate each other via CPU so programming by synchronisation procedure should be followed.  

          After double checking that wiring is correct according to the diagram, please follow the gang to gang synchronisation steps explained in detail in our instructions. Our team has excellent knowledge of the operation of these switches and are always happy to help.


          I have installed the 2 Way switches correctly, however when I turn one switch on I can’t turn it off from the other switch, is there something wrong?

            Correctly followed instructions will ensure correct operation. The reason behind this issue is that if the switches are installed when the mains are on or one at a time it can lead to both switches thinking that they are both master switches. Wiring them correctly at the same time before testing them will ensure that the switch with no wire connected in the Load terminal will know that it is the Slave switch. To overcome this problem please disconnect both switches for 45 minutes which will give them time to reset and then rewire them according to the diagram. If the problem persists please contact us and we will resolve the situation quickly and efficiently for you.


            My LED lights are not working properly, is there a fault?

              In most cases no. Can you please double check the power of the LED light you are using and ensure that each individual LED light is above the minimum working power of the Light switch which is 3 Watts. Due to the way LED lights work we recommend using above 3 Watt LED lights for correct operation.


              My light has started to make noise after installation of Konoq switch?

              The most common cause of noise is that installing an trailing edge dimming driver in the system. If your LEDs are dimmeable type, you would not need an driver in between as Konoq dimmer switches are equipped with leading edge type technology.