Q: Are Konoq switches certified?

A: Yes, all Konoq light switches are CE, ROHS & FCC certified.


Q: Is there any warranty for Konoq switches?

A: Konoq light switches come with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. If there is a problem, please check out our support pages, alternately please contact us for further assistance.


Q: What is the operational life of Konoq switches?

A: Konoq light switches have been tested to last well over 100,000 on/off operations. (Approx 45 years turning on/off 6 times a day).


Q: Do I need to rewire my house to be able to install Konoq switches?

A: Konoq light switches do not require any extra parts or wires to install. They are easily installed with existing wiring as retrofit. Related installation manuals and wiring diagrams are included in each pack. Always employ an electrician or qualified person to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.


Q: Do Konoq switches require neutral wiring?

A: Among Konoq range only WI-FI integrated switches require a neutral cable. No other Konoq light switches require a neutral cable.


Q: Do Konoq switches require earth cable?

A: All Konoq light switches are made of non-conductive material and do not require an earth cable. Any earth cable can simply be wired to the back box.


Q: Are Konoq switches standard UK Size?

A: All Konoq light switches are standard 86 X 86 mm and will fit easily into existing back boxes, provided that the depth is enough.


Q: What is the protrude when a Konoq light switch is installed?

A: Konoq light switches protrude by 9mm. Please check our dimension diagram for details.


Q: Can I install Konoq switches into a standard UK back box?

A: Yes, you can easily install Konoq light switches into the UK standard 35mm deep back box. Please double check the depth of your existing back box just in case. If requested, we can also provide a compatible back box.


Q: Are Konoq switches compatible for LED lights?

A: Konoq range is designed for LED lights but also compatible with most of the fluorescent, halogen and energy saving lights. Please contact us if you are not sure about compatibility of your lights.


Q: What is the operating power of the Konoq light switches?

A: Konoq on/off range works between 3 – 600 Watts per Gang. Similarly dimmer range works between 3-500 Watts per Gang but LED lights bulbs less than 5 Watts will require LED capacitor adapters in case of flickering during dimming.

Q: Are all Konoq switches dimmable?

A: No, only the dimmer, remote dimmer and WIFI dimmer options are dimmable. All dimmer type switches operate as on/off as well (switch remembers the last dim level when you switch it on).


Q: How do I operate on/off type switches?

A: Touch the circle once to turn on (backlight is red), touch the circle again to turn off (backlight is green). You will hear a soft beep sound at each touch to indicate operation.


Q: How do I operate on/off type switches?

A: Touch the circle once to turn on and off. Touch and hold the circle to dim up gradually and repeat the same for dim down gradually. With intelligent memory function, the next touch will remember the brightness of the last lamp closure. Backlight will be red when load is on.


Q: Do all Konoq switches come with a remote controller?

A: No. Only the remote and WIFI via Broadlink types come with a remote control..


Q: Can Konoq switches be used as 2 way?

A: Yes, please check that you purchase the 2 way option accordingly. Wiring diagram and 2 way synchronization instructions will be provided in your pack. Please note that Konoq dimmer switches do not have 2 way option at the moment.


Q: Can Konoq switches be used as 3 or 4 way?

A: All Konoq 2 way switches can also be used as an intermediate switch and can be configured to work 3 or 4 way accordingly. Wiring diagram and synchronization instructions will be provided in your pack.


Q: Can Konoq 2 way switches be used with ordinary switches?

A: No, as Konoq 2 way light switches communicate with each other via electronic signals it is not possible to use these switches with mechanical switches.


Q: Can I pair gang 1 on master switch with gang 2 on slave switch?

A: Yes, it is possible to pair any gangs on 2 way Konoq light switches as you wish. For example gang 1 on master switch can be paired with either gang 1 or 2 on slave switch or vice versa.


Q: Can I use Konoq switches in the bathroom?

A: Although Konoq range works up to 93% humidity levels, it is not IP65 rated for direct splash of water. Accordingly, we recommend that Konoq range switches are not used in direct splash zones and only used in zones 2 & above. Or a waterproof cover is recommended for full water protection.


Q: Can I use Konoq switches outside?

A: Konoq light switches have been designed and tested for indoor use.Therefore it's not recommended to be used outdoors. You may only use Konoq switches outside if and only if it will not come in contact with rain.


Q: Is it safe to use glass switches in my home?

A: Yes, Konoq facings are made of tempered toughened glass with chamfered edges to ensure the glass is not sharp. Even if it is broken by high impact, it will crumble into chunks instead of into sharp jagged pieces, less likely to cause injury.


Q: Does the glass plate show finger prints?

A: Konoq glass plates are scratch resistant glass and do not show fingerprints like a metal switch. The tempered glass resists deformation and fading.It is very easy to clean and is very hygienic.


Q: Can the Touch light switches be controlled remotely through walls and ceilings?

A: Yes, Konoq remote switches use RF (radio Frequency) technology up to 30 meters in open area.


Q: Can remote signals to control Konoq switches interfere with each other or any other appliances at home?

A: No, Konoq remote controlled switches successfully pass EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and each individual remote controller is locked to ensure that only the pre-programmed remote works with that particular switch.


Q: Can more than one remote controller be programmed to a Konoq switch?

A: Yes, you can buy and assign additional remote controllers up to 4 per switch. For example, you can have one upstairs and one downstairs giving you the 2 way function remotely.


Q: Can I synchronise more than 1 remote per switch?

A: Absolutely, you can sync more than 1 remote per switch & even per gang so you have spares


Q: Are Konoq dimmer switches "trailing edge" or "leading edge" type?

A: Konoq dimmer switches have standard phase control or "leading edge" technology.